Improve Your Magazine

Creating and producing FPO Magazine has made us realize that publishers need more specialized help, so we’ve developed a series of new programs that can add quality and efficiency without subtracting too much from your bottom line:

Instant Designer

If you need a special section, feature story, or cover executed to meet your deadlines, AURAS can arrange one of our designers to do the job, either as a one-shot or ongoing project. Or we can step in and produce entire issues of your magazines when in-house challenges arise.

Template Tune-up

Let AURAS take your XPress or InDesign magazine template and put it through a rigourous makeover. We will:

  • improve your style sheets,
  • adjust your grids,
  • professionally tweak your H&J settings, and
  • implement features you may have never used before in these powerful page-layout programs.

Then we provide a style guide to teach you how to use your upgraded files. It’s a one-time process that has lasting benefit.

Document Detailing

AURAS can improve your magazine where it really counts—on the page. We take your final document and perform a series of editorial checks and prepress improvements to make your magazine shine. We will:

  • Catch typographic errors,
  • Tweak headlines,
  • Correct color images,
  • Standardize margins and columns, and
  • Create pdf files to your printer specs

Then we ship the whole thing back to you—often in less than two business days.

Training & Consulting

AURAS offers customized training in your offices geared specifically to small groups. Besides training in the tools of design and production, we offer consulting to meet your complex problems in magazine workflow, art and editorial interaction, editorial development and branding and identity issues. We can evaluate your budgets and contracts and find ways to save money without sacrificing quality.

Magazine Critiques

We conduct an in-depth evaluation of your title, answer specific questions, as well as recommend improvements in editorial construction, design and production. As a preparation for a redesign or ongoing improvement, these thorough eight- to twelve-page documents review your book section by section against professional standards. Contact AURAS for a sample critique.