About Rob Sugar

Robert Sugar is the president and creative director of AURAS Design. A graduate of American University, he taught publication design there for nine years. Early positions working with printers and typesetters gave him an expanded perspective on the designer’s role in producing print publications. Typography and prepress skills—plus a geek’s interest in computers—helped AURAS become a pioneer in electronic design and prepress. He committed the studio completely to digital design by 1992, and has constantly expanded the technology, skills and capabilities of the studio. He has cultivated a strong staff of seasoned designers who are encouraged to work beyond scope and bring innovative alternative solutions to the table.

As head of AURAS, Sugar brings a strong preference for editorial clarity and narrative engagement to all the design projects in the studio. He believes design serves an editorial purpose beyond ornamentation, improving comprehension of complex messages and drawing focus to crucial elements that help readers understand and appreciate the value of the content. Publication design has been a natural application for these preferences and Sugar has helped design or redesign over 82 publications, bringing a unique combination of editorial, design and production skills to clients, making the most of available resources, and finding practical solutions to contemporary challenges that face the publishing industry.